Why Spring Break is the Perfect Time to Have Your Car Serviced

Summer weather can have a brutal effect on your vehicle. From sizzling pavement affecting your tires to bright sunshine fading your paint and hot temperatures sapping your battery’s strength, your car can really take a beating as the season progresses. You can get a jump on summer during spring break by scheduling routine seasonal maintenance done on your car at our service center in Sarasota near Bradenton.

Why Get Spring Break Service?

If you ignored your air conditioner during the cooler winter weather, it might be a good idea to have it inspected for any refrigerant leaks or electrical problems so you don’t discover them amid a heatwave in Lakewood Ranch. Spring is also a good time to check on your battery’s performance. Hot weather can evaporate the electrolyte solution in your battery and also cause it to over-perform. If your battery is aging, it may struggle to keep up with demand when starting your vehicle.

Summer tires are better able to cope with the hot pavement due to a chemical composition that keeps them firm when winter or all-season tires grow pliant from the heat. If you’re planning on a road trip or expect to spend a lot of time on hot pavement, it’s a good idea to have a set of summer tires installed. They’ll provide superior grip and be less likely to experience a blowout. You can also have your alignment adjusted to ensure even wear and a smooth ride around Venice, FL.

Visit Volvo Cars Sarasota for All Your Service Needs

Get your vehicle ready for summer now with help from our service center and collision facility at our dealership near North Port. Our mechanics can inspect your air conditioner, install summer tires, change your oil and check your battery so you’ll be set for whatever adventures you’ve got planned this summer. We always use OEM Volvo parts whenever possible to ensure optimal performance for your engine. Schedule an appointment today and relax as the warmer weather appears.

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